ProFume® gas fumigant has proven effective against all life stages of a broad spectrum of stored product pests like Indian mealmoth, Red flour beetle etc . In addition, ProFume is highly effective against rodents at low dosages. ProFume® is labeled to manage pests in many commodities and in all types of structures used to store, process and transport raw and processed commodities. Since 2004, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in numerous lab and university studies and many fumigations at commercial facilities, including warehouses; mills; grain elevators; food production facilities, such as pet food and pasta plants, stationary transportation vehicles, shipping containers, chambers, fumigated stacks and more.

ProFume® follows proven industry fumigation practices but with added benefits. ProFume® is non-corrosive and therefore does not pose a threat to sensitive electronic equipment and computers within the facility. ProFume® gas fumigant does not affect commodity flavor, quality, color or processing characteristics. ProFume® penetrates and aerates rapidly and has low sorption into commodities. Compared with in-situ generated phosphine, faster fumigations are possible with ProFume® and insect pests are not resistant to ProFume®. ProFume® is now registered in more than 18 nations.

ProFume® gas fumigant provides unprecedented options in fumigation planning thanks to exclusive Precision Fumigation™ tools and techniques. At the heart of Precision Fumigation™ is proprietary Fumiguide® software. Precision Fumigation™ optimizes fumigation plans by calculating “what if” scenarios based on target pests, exposure time, temperature and half-loss time. Each factor can be manipulated to ensure control while, for example, shortening facility downtime or reducing overall fumigation costs. Precision Fumigation™ removes the guesswork from the fumigation process, ensuring a successful treatment. It also is environmentally responsible by calculating the precise amount of fumigant required.

fumigation factors

Funiguide Software

Quality assurance programs can benefit from Precision Fumigation™ during and after the fumigation. While the fumigation is under way, the Fumiguide® software allows real-time monitoring to ensure the results needed throughout the fumigated space. If more fumigant is needed, due to unexpected weather or facility conditions, it can be added to ensure the expected results. But if less fumigant is needed, the fumigation can be concluded earlier than planned. After the fumigation, the Fumiguide® software can be used to print customizable reports and graphs to document quality control or to meet export requirements.